Whether you’re looking to hit the roads with a tuk tuk or you want to rent an Ambassador car, then look no further than Chennai Garage for all your motoring needs in India.

Vehicle Rental in India

Get a truly authentic Chennai experience with our unique rental services.

Vehicle Rental in India

Did you know that most major rental firms in India do not offer self drive rental services? That’s right: companies such as Avis and Hertz do not trust you to drive their cars on Indian roads, instead offering you a driver to shuttle you around at extra cost.

What if you want a more authentic experience, though? What about making your Chennai holiday a local experience?

Well, that’s where we step in with our services offering vehicle rental in India.

Indian vehicle rentalRental Options

Chennai Garage not only offer you the chance to rent Indian vehicles, from tuk tuks to ambassadors, but we let you drive it yourself!

There’s more, too, as we agree those Indian roads can be a bit…concerning. We don’t ban you from driving our cars, though, we just show you how!
That’s right, with our very own Indian Driver Training, you will know just how to handle yourself on Chennai’s busy roads, whether in the middle of the night or during rush hour, to give you confidence with your vehicle rental in India.

So give us a call!


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