Whether you’re looking to hit the roads with a tuk tuk or you want to rent an Ambassador car, then look no further than Chennai Garage for all your motoring needs in India.

Buy an Ambassador Car

Once a great status symbol on the Indian roads, the Ambassador car may have ceased production in 2014, but it’s still a beloved vehicle on the Indian roads.

Why get your own part in that legacy and buy a used ambassador car in India!

Be Daring: Buy an Ambassador Car!

Buy an Ambassador CarOur used Ambassador cars are certainly veterans on the Indian roads, so if you’re looking to undertake an epic road trip from Chennai to Delhi and beyond, then having your own Amby is the perfect vehicle. Or if you just want to buy an ambassador car in Chennai for home (whether that be India or further afield), then we can help you out with all the red tapes.

We can help you out with:

  • any Ambassador customization in India or any pimping
  • we’ll give your Ambassador a full service
  • we’ll give you all the appropriate papers you need to drive an Ambassador car in India.

Paperwork Assistance

We can give you all the necessary papers for exporting your Ambassador, so drop us a line if you want to buy an Ambassador car in India.

For all your Amby needs, we can help your out here at Chennai Garage, whether you want to buy a used Hindustan Ambassador or simply just repair one. Contact Chennai Garage for more information about purchasing an Ambassador.


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