Whether you’re looking to hit the roads with a tuk tuk or you want to rent an Ambassador car, then look no further than Chennai Garage for all your motoring needs in India.

Our Chennai Mechanics | About Us

About Chennai Garage: Introduction

Our Chennai Garage team is made up of home grown Chennai mechanics specialized in Indian vehicles. They have years of experience in fixing all manners of vehicles, from rickshaws to Ambassadors.

Our Chennai mechanics

The folks at the Chennai Garage are the driving force behind providing the truly excellent fleet of tuk tuks and Ambassadors. They are peerless professionals who have gone the extra mile time and time again to make your Indian vehicle rental, buying or even rally experience special.

Chennai Garage are experts with anything that runs on internal combustion, and we have provided services mechanical support for rallies in India in the past on autorickshaws, cars, motorcycles, trucks and jeeps, such as the Rickshaw Challenge.

Meet our hardworking team of Chennai mechanics who’ll make sure your motor experience in India is the best.

About Chennai Garage: The Locale

Like the name says, we have our main garage in Chennai. However, we’ve begun to expand our horizons and we’ll be opening a new garage facility in Panaji, Goa as well.

Panaji GarageSo whether you’re in the south-east or around Goa, contact Chennai Garage and we can see what we can do!

Meet the Team: Our Chennai Mechanics

We’re very proud of our hard-working team of Chennai mechanics at the garage, so we’d like to introduce them to you. We believe in working together to offer the best services available, and in order to do that, our team is like a family to us.

D.SeenevasanD. Seenevasan – Supervisor

Seene oversees the operations and our Chennai mechanics, and has been in charge of operations since Chennai Garage opened its doors 4 years ago.




K.SekarK. Thayagu – Autorickshaw Mechanic

Thayagu has been with us since the beginning, and has 12 years of experience fixing rickshaws. He’s been on every single rally with Chennai Garage since the beginning, so is a wizz at fixing tuk tuks on the road!




P.BabuP. Babu – Autorickshaw Mechanic & Electrician

Babu has been one of our core autorickshaw mechanics and been a part of the Chennai Garage team for 3 years. On top of his years spent with us, he has 15 years of experience as a mechanic. Babu has worked all on our rickshaw rally support services over the past 3 years.



G.GanarajG. Ganaraj – Car and Autorickshaw Electrician

Ganaraj has been with us since the beginning and is our go-to guy when it comes to tuk tuk and motor electrics.




P.KumarP. Kumar – Tinker

Kumar is our resident tinker, and while he’s only been at Chennai Garage for 1.5 years, he has 25 years of tinkering under his belt!




R.ArunkumarR. Arunkumar – Office Assistant

Arunkumar works in the Chennai Garage office, helping out by handling vehicle export paperwork and all the necessary papers needed to drive our vehicles in India, as well as insurance claims.




P.NagappanP. Nagappan – Tinker

Nagappan works as a tinker in the Chennai Garage. He has over 25 years of experience in his area of expertise.





S.SathishkumarS. Sathishkumar – Tinker Helper

Sathishkumar is one of our young apprentices among our Chennai mechanics at the garage, helping out Kumar and Nagappan’s team as tinker helper.





M.SenthilkumarM. Senthilkumar – Painter

Senthilkumar takes care of our Ambassador and rickshaw paint jobs, as well as any aesthetic customization offered by Chennai Garage. He has over 15 years of experience in his field.




R.ManiR. Tamilmani – Painting Helper

Mani is another young apprentice here at Chennai Garage. He assists Senthilkumar with our customized paint jobs.





M.JayakumarM. Jayakumar – Car and Autorickshaw Electrician

Jayakumar has worked with us for 10 months, and has 4 years of experience in car and tuk tuk electrics. He’s attended the Rickshaw Challenge Classic Run 2015 and the Malabar Rampage 2015 events as rally support.




R.RaviR. Ravi – Tinker

Ravi has recently joined our team as a tinker, but he’s been tinkering on cars and rickshaws for the past 4 years.





C.AjithkumarC. Ajithkumar – Tinker Helper

Ajithkumar is another apprentice here at Chennai Garage, assisting our tinker team.





E.SaravananE. Saravanan – Tinker Helper

Saravanan is another apprentice here at Chennai Garage, assisting our tinker team.





T.RameshT. Ramesh – Car Mechanic

Ramesh is one of our mechanics responsible with servicing our Ambassador cars. He has 10 years of experience as a car mechanic.




D.KumaresanD. Kumaresan – Car Mechanic

Kumaresan recently joined the Chennai Garage team, but has over 30 years of experience as a car mechanic. He is also responsible with servicing our Ambassador cars.




M.RajkumarM. Rajkumar – Autorickshaw Mechanic

Rajkumar recently joined our team of autorickshaw mechanics, but has been fixing and servicing rickshaws for 15 years.




M.RajeshwariM. Rajeshwari – Cook

Rajeshwari might not fix any rickshaws, but she has the important job of feeding our staff hungry Chennai mechanics here at Chennai Garage – an important job we say!




K.PradhapanK. Pradhapan – Security

To keep all our vehicles safe, Pradhapan is our go-to man when it comes to the security of the garage!


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